I make all kinds of dresses from wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses to formal outfits for business wear.  I can provide a complete design service or I can work with your pattern and your fabric.  


What are the benefits of having a dress made to measure? 

Everyone likes to be unique and have their own personal style. When you have a dress made, you can be absolutely sure you’re not going to find someone else at that special event wearing the same as you!

Unless you are one of the lucky few then there will always be some parts of off the shelf garments that don’t quite measure up.  Before I make any garment, you will attend a fitting where I will measure you to ensure a perfect fit.  As part of the finishing process further adjustments may be made at another fitting to ensure that all measurements are correct and that you feel very confident when you are wearing your new item. 


Isn’t this going to be very expensive?  

You should expect to pay more than you would for an off the shelf garment and more than you would if you sent your measurements off to an online tailor abroad.  You are buying a very personal service from an experienced UK based seamstress.  This is important to many clients who like to know where their clothes are being made and like to be able to call or visit the seamstress at any time during the making process.  Having said all that, we think our prices are very good value!  Most customers pay around £120 – £150 for a simply styled dress in a quality fabric and £140 – £200 for evening wear. The final price depends on the fabric and complexity of the design.