My values are firmly rooted in the Ghanaian culture in which I spent my formative years.  Fortunately, I was brought up in an environment where I could learn to really appreciate and celebrate the diverse artisan talent that you can find in Ghana.

Through my love of dressmaking, I was able to meet many authentic ghana textilesexcellent producers of authentic ghana textiles and learn a deep appreciation for the quality of their work.  The vibrant colours and quality of authentic West African textiles is something that is recognised on a global scale.  It breaks my heart to see over recent years how counterfeiting has created an existential threat for this industry.

I was always taught to find the best textiles I could afford, make my clothes from it and then expect those clothes to last for a long time.  I’ve never viewed what I wear as a consumable “throw” away item.  This mindset is very important.  It means I carefully consider design, durability, provenance and impact on community in all the purchase decisions I make.  When I make something, I consider how easy it will be to mix and match with my existing items to create variety and prolong the useful life of what I have.

Typically the items I wear will last me for ten years or even more.  I have a small secret stash of authentic ghana textiles that I can go to when I really need a change or if I need something specific for a special occasion.

Hopefully when you read this you will get an idea of what it will be like to work with me.  I really encourage people to mend and repair and re-use where possible.  If we are making something new, I will encourage you to really think about the kind of materials you want to use and how to get the best quality you can afford.


I look forward to meeting you soon


Ekuba (owner of Chayil Couture)